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From: milo e
Subject: Foster Child MarkMark was 12 when he came to stay with me. I took in boys while a more
permanent place could be found Rompl Lolitas or till the time they could go back home.
He was a tall well-built kid with a sad face. He had light brown hair and
smelled like he hadn’t had a good bath for a while. I showed him to his
room and helped him unpack. I noticed his clothes smelled like they haven’t
been washed properly for some time. I ask him to unload his clothes in the
laundry room and I would wash them for him and he could take a shower
before he had to go to bed for it was late in the evening when he arrived. That seemed to cheer Mark up some and he took all his clothes to the
laundry room and as I started a load he took all his clothes off except his
underwear and socks. His underwear was so old they looked brown. I though
he was going to remove his underwear, but I told him to wait till he got in
the bathroom. Mark had no body hair that I could see; just a little light
fuzz on his legs and back. I showed him the bathroom and started the
shower showing him how everything worked. When I turned to go out he had
his underwear off and handed them to me. Mark didn’t mind being necked in
front of me and I took a quick look at his necked body. He looked impressive with his long thin muscular legs. His stomach
was flat and when he bent over to take off his socks I could see his ribs.
He had a knobby backbone and I ran a finger down it to the crack of his
round tight cheeks. This brought a giggle out of Mark and the first sign
of a smile from him. He had a nice package also. He had a small patch of
hair just forming above his dick, Rompl Lolitas which was darker than the hair on his
head. I figured from his tan line his hair was sun bleached. His dick
didn’t look overly large for a boy his age and size, but I would say he was
going into puberty early. His dick was white and virgin and hung long when
soft. He was cut and had a nice flared mushroom head the same size as his
shaft. He also had low hanging balls that accented his dick perfectly. I
wanted to reach out and touch him but resisted and told him to hit the
shower and I left the room, but not until giving him a large bath towel to
wrap up in when he was finished. He must have stayed in the shower for over a half hour. When he came
out all wrapped up in the bath towel he looked new and smelled great. He
lifted his arm and asks if he needed any deodorant yet for he was growing
hair. I looked closely and found a couple short hairs just growing. I
said he could use mine and went to get it. When I came back he had gone to
his bedroom. I went to his room and handed him the deodorant and started
to leave. Mark said uh-can you look at something for me. I said sure and
turned around. He was hanging his head and turned red in the face then
dropped his towel and lifted his dick and said that he had a sore spot and
could I look at it for him. I said sure and sat Rompl Lolitas on a stool and motioned
him forward. He was holding his dick with his thumb and first two fingers
and pulled it up and turned it to the side a little and said he had hurt
himself. When he got close enough I put my right hand out and took hold of his
soft four inch member letting it lay in my hand and squeezed it enough to
turn it and see the damage to it. I ask what happened and he told me that
a week earlier he and his older brother was in their tree house and his
brother took his clothes and threw them to the ground and he had to climb
down the tree necked to get them. He said his penis hurt really bad and he
thought he had just bruised it but a black spot appeared later. Man his
dick felt good in my hand, so tender and innocent, but I wondered what he
was doing in the tree house necked with his older brother. His dick felt
hotter than normal especially near where there was a dark lump on the side
of his shaft. I could feel his heart beat through his shaft and it was
inflating slightly. I looked at Mark and he was all flushed with a smile
on his face watching my every move. I said I Rompl Lolitas was going to get the first
aid kit and would be right back, then got up and left. I got alcohol, cotton and some salve then returned. Mark looked a
little more relaxed when I returned. I sat down and he came forward and I
took his dick in my hand again and it became rock hard instantly. Mark
just made a little nerves giggle Rompl Lolitas
and I watched his nuts pull up in his
sack. His dick was four inches soft and stretched to five when hard. It
had a flat shape and stuck straight out from his body. I just held it in
my right hand and ran a thumb over his taught mushroomed head causing it to
flare up and expand. It perfectly Rompl Lolitas matched his smooth tight body. I looked
up at Mark and he was all flushed watching me and I said you got a nice
dick. This caused him to smile from ear to ear and I knew I had him. I
applied a little alcohol to the wound and squeezed his dick shaft with my
thumb and first finger on either side of the hard lump on his shaft. When
it looked like what ever was embedded in his dick Rompl Lolitas was about to come out I
squeezed a little harder and Mark let a little sigh of pain then the little
piece of bark embedded in his silky smooth dick shaft popped out with some
infection. There was a little indentation where the piece of bark had been
and it looked raw but clean. Mark sighed with relief and said it felt a
lot better now. I just held his hot throbbing shaft in my hand wrapping my
hand around it and said I would apply a little salve on it to help it heal. I opened the tub with my other hand and before I applied the salve I
took a gentle stroke on Marks beautiful dick going gently up over the head
and back down. Mark fell forward putting his hands on my shoulders and his
dick started to pulsate in my hand and three jets of creamy liquid exploded
from the head of his dick landing all over my chest. I gave if a couple
more quick jerks pulling out more of his sperm. Mark was panting and
trying to talk at the same time. He kept saying, I couldn’t help it, I
couldn’t help it. I’m sorry I piss on you. Oh man I’m sorry. I pulled him
against me and he laid his head on my shoulder and I told him he hadn’t
pissed on me. His climax was almost over and he said what was it then and
I said cum. Mark got really quite and his breathing was still Rompl Lolitas
a little
ragged and he relaxed against me and sat on my knee. I said you just shot
you cum, haven’t you ever done that before. Almost in a whisper he said
no. I ask if he knew what cum was and he said his brother told him, but he
had never seen any. I pushed him back a little and said that’s you cum on
my chest and man it’s a lot. Mark seemed to cheer up a little and reached
out to touch it and pulled back. I said go ahead and he put his finger in
the trail of cum on my chest. I also touched it and showed him how sticky
it was by putting in-between my fingers and causing it string in-between
them. He though that was neat and did the same then got all apologetic
again, but I assured him it felt great when he came on me and it would wipe
off. I took his towel and cleaned my chest and Mark stood up and I cleaned
his dick, which was still sticking straight out from his skinny hips. He
said is that what you call jacking off then got all embarrassed from saying
it and I said sure was and I was glad I was the first to make you cum. I
applied some salve on his dick and said I would look at it tomorrow. My
own dick was hard and I think he noticed for he keep looking at my crotch
covered only with my jockey shorts. When he sat on my knee his bare thigh
was against my nuts and hard on. It was sure a turn on, but I didn’t want
to do too much the first night. I had a tent in the back yard and all the next day Mark played in it
and made it like his home. He wanted to sleep in it but I told him to wait
a couple of days till he got use to his new surroundings. The next night I
went to his bedroom to see how his dick was healing. When I entered he ask
if he had to sleep in his bed or could he sleep on the floor in a bedroll.
I ask why he wanted to sleep on the floor and he said he just liked
sleeping on the floor. I ask if he had a bed at home and he said just his
brothers and he had to sleep with him or on the floor. I said he could
sleep on the floor if he wanted, but his bed was his own and didn’t have to
share it with anyone if he didn’t want to. He said ya he knew, but he
liked camping out Rompl Lolitas and sleeping on the floor was like camping out. I said
if he wanted he could sleep in the tent tomorrow. Mark jumped out of the bed completely nude and unrolled the bedroll
on the floor. I watched as he bent over fixing his place on the floor.
His back was toward me and I stared at his tight young ass as he bent over
then he got on his knees to fix the bedroll. When he bent over I could see
his young ass hole and it sure was inviting. His ass cheeks were tight and
round and had a cute dimple when they tightened up. It seemed like he was
displaying himself, but he seemed so natural doing what he was doing. I
don’t think he realized what he was doing to me. When he got things ready
he turned around and asks if I would turn out the light then he crawled
into the bedroll. His dick was soft and swung in front of him as he moved
around. When he got into the bedroll I ask if he always slept necked. He
said his brother never let him wear anything when they slept so he could
lie close to him. I ask what did your brother and you do when you slept
together. Mark just shrugged his shoulders and quietly said nothing then
kind of grinned and looked at me. I ask if he wanted me to check the wound on his penis and he said
sure. He opened up the bedroll and I got on my knees to check him out.
Mark now had a full-blown hard on and it was jerking in front of me as Rompl Lolitas
took it in my hand and turned it slightly to see how it looked where the
piece of bark had come out. I got my face right down to his crotch and
looked and noticed it was almost healed. There was very little evidence of
any damage. Rompl Lolitas I ran a finger over the sore and ask if it still hurt and he
said no. Mark said it sure feels a lot better than when my brother— then
broke off the sentence. I said what did your brother do to you? You can
tell me anything I don’t care. He said he would pinch the head of his
penis when it started to get hard or flip it with his finger and hurt it.
I said anything else and he said once he licked it and when it got hard he
put his mouth on it and bit him hard. I ask if he Rompl Lolitas did anything like that
to his brother and he got real quite. I said it was all right if he put
his mouth on his brother I wouldn’t tell or care. Quietly he said he made
me put my mouth on it a couple of times and once he pissed in my mouth and
I wouldn’t do it anymore and started sleeping on the floor. I guess most of
this happened in the past couple of months according to Mark. I think his
brother Rompl Lolitas came in his mouth and Mark just though it was piss, but what I knew
about his brother it may have been piss. I got up and turned off the light then went back to Mark. He had
pulled the bedroll back over him and when I ran my hand up inside rubbing
his leg on the way up to his dick he pulled the bedroll open and put his
hands behind his head. I cupped his balls and he opened his legs wide and
I kneeled beside him. His nuts were a nice size and his sack was loose and
smooth. I watched his stomach tighten up as I ran my hand from his nuts up
to his throbbing dick. I circled my hand around his dick and took a gentle
stroke up and over his sensitive head. His dick jerked and swelled and he
stretched and a groan of pleasure escaped his throat. I Rompl Lolitas ask you like that
and with a deep breath said yes. I pulled my hand down his young shaft
pulling the skin tight as I reached the base and held it tight then leaned
forward and lowered my open mouth over his young tool and when it was all
the way in I closed my mouth around it. Mark jerked and gasped then said
please don’t bite it. I think he was serious, but I laughed which caused
me to gage and I came off his dick and said I wouldn’t do anything to hurt
you. I told him he had an awesome dick and it was really big for his age.
He said will it get as big as yours and I said maybe even bigger. I was totally shocked when Mark reached out and put Rompl Lolitas
his hand up my
underwear leg and grabbed my hard cock. He squeezed it and I moaned and I
positioned myself so he could get better access and put my mouth back over
his tender dick and sucked him deep. Mark just held me and squeezed
lightly with his soft hands. I sucked up on his dick feeling it swell in
my mouth and Mark’s hips came up off the floor and he took his free hand
and tried to force my head off him saying I’m going to shoot that stuff. I
grabbed his hand and held it away and felt his young cum explode in my
mouth. I had Rompl Lolitas
planned to catch his cum in my mouth and spit it out, but his
first jet of hot liquid came out when his dick was in the back of my mouth
and it shot right down my throat. It surprised me some, but I sensed the
intense pleasure I was giving this young boy and I let the rest of his load
go down my throat and swallowed the rest that puddle on my tongue when he
was done. During his climax Mark’s ass was jerking off the floor with each
explosion then held his ass high off the floor till he finished. He was
having trouble catching his breath then it was over and he slowly came back
to earth and his ass came back down to the floor and I followed with his
dick still buried in my mouth. I Rompl Lolitas could feel his pleasure with each throb
of his dick. Then he did something fantastic for me. He started stroking
my dick and I came instantly. He kept slowly stroking me till I came off
his still hard dick. Mark said oh! Man thanks that was great. Mark asks if
he was doing me right and I said perfect. I also told him I didn’t mind
him cumin in my mouth and thanks for warning me. I said I enjoyed his dick
so much I swallowed his cum and it was the first time I had swallowed cum.
He said I think you cumed also because my hand is all wet. I said I sure
did and he moved so he could see the mess I made on his hand and in my
underwear. We cleaned up and he was playing with him self under the
bedroll as I turned off the light and left his room. Mark spent the next day fixing Rompl Lolitas
up the tent and it seemed like he was
going to move in. That night I let him sleep outside. After dark I went
out to see how he was doing. I sat down next to him and we talked a little
mostly about his brother and his life before he came to live with me. He
had been pretty much left to himself. His mom was trying to get custody
after the divorce and his brother was mean to him all the time blaming him
for the divorce. It was a warm night, but Mark was under the bedroll. As
we talked he stuck a leg out of the bedroll and I started to rub it slowly
working my way to his crotch. As I worked my way up the inside of his
thigh nearing his balls, Mark pulled the bedroll off. Before me laid a
beautiful necked boy with his five inch boner waiting for attention. I lay
on my side next to him and wrapped my hand around his tender cock and felt
Marks whole body tense as I took the first stroke. Mark said man that
feels so good and put a hand up my cutoffs looking for my stiff member.
When he couldn’t get good access he worked on my belt so I helped him to
remove my pants then went back to pleasing his dick and balls. Marks hands were soft and gentle as he rubbed and fondled my dick and
balls. He explored every inch even going back to my ass hole and touching
it before wrapping his long gentle fingers around my throbbing shaft and
gave it a gentle pull. His touches sent waves of pleasure through my body.
As he caresses my dick and balls I leaned over and took his hot dick into
my mouth. Mark stretched out and moaned and his dick disappeared into my
mouth. His head would just go into my throat as it bottomed out. Mark
said I’m not going to last long and I came off him and said I’m not either
for he was gently jacking off my dick. I handed him a rag to catch my cum and went back sucking him off. He was
really giving my dick a work out and in about a minute I was ready to
explode and started to moan on his dick letting him know I was cumin.
Marks ass came off the bedroll and his free hand went to my head running
his fingers through my hair and I felt his hot juices jet into my mouth
most of it going down my throat. I cupped his balls and rubbed his tight
ass hole as my own climax shot a load of cum. Mark hadn’t used the rag but
let it shoot on Rompl Lolitas his young body coating his upper chest and some got on his
face. Later he said a little even hit him in the mouth. As our climax’s
eased I held his dick in my mouth and he gently held and caressed my
softening dick. Marks dick never went totally soft. It just stopped
throbbing and finely I pulled away. Mark let go of my limp dick and I look
the rag and cleaned Mark off. I ask why he didn’t use the rag and he said
he though it was neat the way I cumed all over him. He said he even tasted
some of my cum when it hit him in the mouth. I ask if he liked it and he
said it was sort of yucky, but it didn’t bother him. We talked more and I kept gently jacking him off and rubbing all
around his balls and in between his legs. He kept shivering like he was
cold and I knew he was really enjoying my touch. After a while, Mark got
really quite and tightened up all over. I felt his dick expand in my hand
and Mark started jerking his ass of the ground and he came again. I held
his dick straight up as he came and his sperm shot straight up landing on
his stomach filling his cute belly button. He shot quite a lot for his
second climax with the last of it just pouring out his dick running over my
hand. Mark didn’t say anything; he just looked at me and smiled as he got
his breathing back Rompl Lolitas to normal. He was all flushed and after a moment he
closed his eyes and said I’m sure glad I came to live here. His dick
slowly went limp in my hand and I checked out his sore and it was all gone
then cleaned up the mess on his stomach. I had some wet wipes and used
several to make sure all my and his cum was cleaned up then gave him a hug
and told him I would see him in the morning. He asks if I would sleep with
him, but I declined and said I would see him in the morning. He said
goodnight and I left. Early the next morning I dressed in just a loose pair of shorts and
went out to see Mark hoping I might get rid of a morning hard on. I opened
the tent flap and closed it behind me. It had been a hot night and the
morning was still hot. The sun was just coming up and I looked on Marks
body stretched out on top of the bedroll. He was on his stomach with his
legs parted slightly. His white tight butt stood out from his tanned body.
His head was lying on his hands as he slept. I got in between his legs and
pulled off my shorts releasing my raging hard on. I positioned myself over
Mark and laid over him then gently lowered myself on top of his young soft
body. Marks cheeks slightly engulfed my throbbing dick as I laid it between
his crack. He woke with a jerk and his first movement was to try to turn
over. He looked at me and smiled then said oh it’s you then relaxed under
me. I felt his ass tighten up against my dick then relax and my dick was
being held length wise between his awesome butt cheeks. I whispered in his
ear feel good. Marks response was mmm yes. Rompl Lolitas I lay like this for a while and moved my hands under him cupping his
dick with one hand and his balls with the other. He kept flexing his ass
squeezing my dick as his cheeks tightened around my shaft. After a while I
lifted my body off Mark and as I came up he started to turn over. I said
just lay still and I came up on my knees. Rompl Lolitas
I opened up his cheeks and
spread the pre cum I had deposited there around his tight little hole. His
ass hole was still mostly white and barely wrinkled. As I probed and pushed
in a little Mark would tense and his hole would grab at my finger. I
didn’t try to penetrate but instead I put the head of my dick to his hole
and rubbed it around. Mark relaxed as I did this so I tried to push in a
little. Mark looked back at me and said Rompl Lolitas
it won’t go in. I said can I try
and his said his brother tried once and it wouldn’t go in. I ask if it
hurt and he said no it just didn’t Rompl Lolitas go in. He said his brother kept saying
loosen up but I didn’t know what he meant. Finely he got mad and hit me on
the ass and left me alone. I ask if his brother had put anything on his
dick to make it slick and Mark said I don’t know. I said relax a minute I’m going to try something and if you don’t
like it stop me. Mark totally relaxed and I poured some baby oil I had
brought with me on my dick and put the head back against his tender ass
hole. I said just relax and Mark did. With the head against his ass hole
I felt Mark relax and I felt his hole open slightly. I applied a little
pressure and the head slid right in and was no longer visible. Rompl Lolitas This must
have startled Mark for he tightened up and rolled slightly to his side
looking back at me. He said it went in me and I said ya does it hurt. He
seemed to think about it for a moment then said no. I said can I put more
in and he just shook his head yes and eased himself back on his stomach. I
hovered over him on my hands and knees and said relax and tell me if it
starts to hurt. Mark relaxed and I started to push more of my dick into
this virgin young boy. It was like pushing my dick into a velvet tunnel.
I could feel his insides open around my head as it pushed forward and his
tight ring slowly eased its way up my throbbing shaft. Every once in a
while my dick would twitch and tighten up from the pleasure his young ass
was giving me and Mark would tighten up against the pressure then relax
again. I said nothing and slowly feed him my six and a half inches till my
soft black hair was pressed up against his tight white ass checks. I lay
on top of him and said I’m all the way in. Mark said really and I push up
hard against him so he could feel my body push against his ass. I said
feel all right and he said yes. I ask if it hurt and he said no. I said I
want to cum in you, Mark didn’t say anything for a moment then ask how will
it come out. I said when you go to the bathroom it would just come out
like normal. Mark said go ahead and cum in me. I said come up on you knees, but keep you head on the ground. He did
and I laid over him wrapping one arm around his skinny waist and took his
flaccid dick with my other hand. His dick was wet with his juices and
soft. I pulled my dick about half way out of him and hesitated a moment
just incase he wanted to stop me then pushed back in very gently. Marks
dick came to full hardness and more juices poured out over my hand. I
pulled the juices back over his dick using it as lubricant as I took
another stoke up his tight velvety ass. I couldn’t believe he was taking
me so easily and told him so. Mark said he had never felt anything like
this before. I ask if it was hurting and he said no it felt good. Rompl Lolitas He said
when I pulled back it made his dick feel good all over and he felt like he
was going to cum when I pushed back in. I pushed deep in him then forced a little piss in him and with Rompl Lolitas
the baby
oil made him really slippery. I made slow gentle strokes in his young
virgin ass and Mark would tense and tighten with each stroke. On about the
fourth stroke Mark said oh man and climaxed. He bucked back against me as
his cum shot out of his innocent young dick and I tried to catch most of it
and pull it back over his shaft, the rest went on the bedroll under him.
Finely he was finished and relaxed and I pushed deeply in him. I said you
like that and he said oh man that was wild. His dick was still hard and I
kept stoking him. His said you cum yet and I said no and started gentle
strokes in him again. I said you want me to hurry up and he said no it
feels good. I tried to take my time but knew it was no use for just the
though of having my dick buried in this young kid’s ass was too much. I
tried to slow down some and kept working his dick as I worked mine in him.
I pulled him tight against me and said here it cums and pushed up hard in
him bringing his ass higher in the air and fired my massive load deep
inside Marks young body. After the first jet of cum left me I pulled back
only to push forward again to fire another jet of cum as deeply as I could
in my young lover. Each pulse of climax was less intense till all I could
do was take little short strokes then just lie on top of Mark and enjoy my
dick throbbing in his tight body. Mark was gasping for air and said don’t stop yet I’m almost there. I was
still working his cum soaked dick in my hand so to make it better for him I
took a couple of long strokes up his ass which sent him over the edge and
he fired another load on the bedroll under him. He jerked back hard
against my groin jamming my dick as hard as he could up into himself then
fell to the bedroll and I fell on top of him. My dick was jammed as far
into him as possible and Mark’s ass was clenched around my dick. Mark said
you sure feel good in there and we both slowly soften and he finely
squeezed my soft dick out of his body. Mark said ah that was nice. I looked at Marks ass to see if he was hurt even though he said he
wasn’t. When he relaxed I noticed he was a little red just inside his ass
hole and I could see far enough inside to where my cum was visible then he
tightened back up to keep all may juices trapped inside. He said he was
going to keep my cum inside him all day. His front side was a mess and we
wiped as much up as we could then he dressed and headed for the shower. It
wasn’t much later as we walked to the woods that Mark dashed for a fallen
tree and yanked his pants down and sprayed my cum and piss all over the
ground. I watched as he expelled my juices and said I’m hurt I though you
were going to keep my cum in you all day. He said man I couldn’t I said
that’s ok I’ve got more where that came from. That was just the first of several sexual adventures we had together.
Mark never initiated anything but was always ready when I initiated
something. After I let him sink his dick up my tight ass one night he
couldn’t get enough of me, but still didn’t initiate anything. He left in
the fall when his mother got custody.
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